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rumor-run-wildPHOENIX, November 5 – Many Republicans celebrating last night already had accurate measurements of the Governor’s Office windows, with key cabinet positions all but guaranteed for some. Several railbirds said attorney Mike Liburdi is a shoo-in for chief counsel, as his legal maneuvering over the past couple years to help Doug Ducey will not go unrewarded. A handful of Republicans raised Glenn Hamer’s name as the most likely to fill the governor’s chief of staff role. Though the move would certainly mean a pay cut from leading the Arizona Chamber, speculation is that he would welcome the prestige and responsibility that comes with the position. But chamber spokesman Garrick Taylor put that rumor to rest. “No truth to the rumor. Obviously (we’re) very excited to work closely with the Ducey administration so we can assure Arizona’s economy is firing on all cylinders,” he said. Other Chamber staff have also been rumored for administration jobs, including Gretchen Martinez, who one source said will likely be Ducey’s chief lobbyist. Most of Ducey’s top campaign staffers are expected to be on the transition team and could eventually become permanent staffers. Among that crew, Danny Seiden and JP Twist are also expected by many Republicans to land positions in the new administration, though it’s unclear in what capacity. One source said his understanding is that Twist isn’t interested in moving to the Ninth Floor, but said that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t join the administration if Ducey asks. “When the commander-in-chief tells you he needs you, it’s tough to say no,” the source said. Another source said Ducey is considering bringing a familiar face back to Arizona to head up his office’s communications: NRCC Press Secretary Daniel Scarpinato.